Leadership Development

The Trillium Group offers award-winning services that develop leaders and improve their effectiveness. We are trained and certified to employ the right mix of assessment and development techniques to give individuals a leadership edge.

Assessments and Feedback

  • Lominger’'s VOICES 360 Feedback Instrument - We are certified in this and other 360 instruments
  • Custom Assessments - The Trillium Group can tailor an assessment to closely align with the competencies required in your organization
  • Hogan Leadership Forecast Series - This assessment provides three reports that identify a leaders
    1. Individual's day-to-day leadership style, that includes behavioral descriptions,
    2. The leader'’s characteristic way of interpreting the world and while under stress and pressure.
    3. Values that motivate and drive a leader to reach their potential
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - We are qualified to administer and debrief this assessment that can provide information on preferred personality type.
  • 360 Assessment and Feedback - The Trillium Group can manage the complete process of administering 360 feedback to include:
    1. Vendor management of the 360 assessment
    2. Kick-off training –providing information about the purpose of 360 assessment, competency model, expectations, and logistics
    3. Debriefing assessments and– development of high level strengths/development trends/areas
    4. Individual Development Plans
    5. Follow-on coaching

Action Learning

Action learning is an approach used to help individuals solve problems in real time, while applying individual and group learning back to the organization. Leadership Development programs incorporating action learning help leaders successfully define and resolve a pressing issue while working on essential leadership competencies. Action learning can be considered a form of group coaching that is led by a coach to help leaders maximize their process, and their learning to take action.

Leadership Development