Executive Coaching

Leaders in organizations today need to be responsive to a quickly changing environment, to meet their business goals, and to provide the direction and motivation for others to follow. We are thought partners with our clients to inspire them to achieve their personal and professional potential. In helping C-suite executives and other senior leaders improve their performance, meet established goals, and deepen their learning through a results-oriented executive coaching process, we provide a confidential, safe space to have a meaningful, productive conversation. The process is designed to focus leaders on what is important in their personal and professional lives that will result in desired and sustainable change, and provides clarity while moving them towards actions that help them attain their goals.

The Trillium Group’s Coaching Helps Executives:

  • Gain clarity around business issues or goals.
  • Generate new ideas and possibilities.
  • Manage relationships and engage and influence key stakeholders, including direct reports.
  • Obtain results through teamwork and align team members with established organizational goals.
  • Enhance their potential and be challenged.
  • Make better decisions and be more productive.
  • Focus on what’s important.
  • Be more self-aware of how their behavior impacts others.

How the Executive Coaching Process Works:

  • Our coaches help to provide clarity while moving executives toward actions that assist them in attaining their goals.
  • We start with an initial meeting to ensure there is a fit between the executive and the coach.
  • Our clients choose the content and focus of the conversation while the coach listens, asks questions, and provides observations.
  • In subsequent meetings, we discuss overall plans and activities to reach agreed-upon goals.
  • Our coaches may conduct assessment activities using a 360-degree feedback instrument and/or face-to-face interviews to gather insights, perspectives, and feedback.
  • Together, the executive and the coach determine the frequency of meetings and successful outcomes.
  • Ultimately, we provide options, suggest approaches, and facilitate the sharing of ideas, serving as catalysts for the process of change.

Leadership transitions can be challenging for individuals, teams, and organizations. We help leaders successfully transition to new roles and to new organizations. We assist our clients in making seamless cultural and business transitions so they can be successful in their new roles.

Executive Coaching
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